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Giuseppe Resnati

Giuseppe Resnati is full professor of Chemical Basis of Technologies at the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering “Giulio Natta” of the Politecnico di Milano. His research interests are in the field of recognition and self-assembly phenomena with a particular attention to the role of halogen atoms in crystal engineering. He gave an important contribution to the development of the concept of halogen bond, namely the non covalent interaction wherein halogen atoms work as the positive site (electron acceptor site, Lewis acid). He studied various molecular materials, in particular, self-assembled and fluorinated liquid crystals, non-linear optical materials, organic dynamic porous networks. Prof. Resnati has also interests in fluorine chemistry, encompassing new synthetic approaches based on perfluorinated catalyst, reagents, and solvents.
He is author of more than three hundred original papers on high impact journals, of several reviews, of chapters in books, of entries in technical encyclopedias. He is the inventor of six patents valid in most WTO countries. Prof. Resnati has been Guest Editor (2008) of one book on interactions involving halogen atoms (publisher: VCH) and of several special issues of international journals (Tetrahedron (Elsevier),1996; Journal of Fluorine Chemistry (Elsevier), 2004 and 1996; Crystal Growth and Design (ACS), 2011; CrystEngComm (RSC), 2012).
He has been Chair of symposia organized within the 234th ACS National Meeting (Boston, 2007), 238th ACS National Meeting (Washington, 2009), 25th European Crystallography Meeting (Istanbul, Turkey, 2009), 26th European Crystallography Meeting (Darmstadt, Germany, 2010), XXII Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography (Madrid, Spain, 2011). He has been in the International Advisory Board and Steering Committee of the International Symposium of Fluorine Chemistry (20th, Kyoto, 2012; 19th, Jackson Hole, 2009; 18th Bremen, 2006), of the European Symposium of Fluorine Chemistry (17th, Paris, 2013; 16th, Ljubliana, 2010; 15th, Prague, 2007; 14th Poznan, 2004); of the International Symposium on Halogen Chemstry (6th, Bangalore, 2012), and other symposia.
Prof. Resnati is serving in the editorial board of Crystal Growth & Design (ACS, 2012 onwards) and of the Journal of Fluorine Chemistry (Elsevier, 2001 onwards). He is a member of the Commission on Structural Chemistry of the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr, 2011-onwards). He has been co-chairman of the IUPAC project resulting in the recommendation defining the term “Halogen Bond” (Pure Appl. Chem., 2013, 85, 1711–1713). Presently, he is co-chair of the IUPAC project “Basic Terminology of Crystal Engineering” (2012-044-1-100).
Bibliometric infos: h-index: 46; citations: 1239 (2013), 1046 (2012) (Web of Science, 2014-01-23).

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