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Young Observers

Gianluigi AlbanoGianluigi ALBANO, Universit
à di Bari

Gianluigi Albano obtained the PhD cum laude in Chemistry and Materials Science at University of Pisa in March 2019. Since November 2019 he is Post-Doctoral Researcher at the University of Bari “Aldo Moro”. His research activity is focused on different topics of Organic Chemistry: study of new protocols for the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds via transition metals-promoted reactions; development of green and sustainable strategies in palladium-catalyzed coupling chemistry; synthesis and chiroptical characterization of chiral organic π-conjugated systems for innovative optoelectronic applications. He was awarded by the Organic Chemistry Division of Società Chimica Italiana (SCI) with the PhD Thesis Prize “Organic Chemistry for Environment, Energy and Nanoscience” 2019 and by Elsevier in partnership with the Young Group of SCI with the 1st prize of Reaxys SCI Early Career Researcher Awards 2019.

Elisa CarignaniElisa CARIGNANI, ICCOM CNR Pisa
Post doc research fellow specialized in Solid State NMR (SSNMR) spectroscopy and relaxometry. Master Degree in Chemistry (110/110 cum laude) in 2009 and PhD in Chemical Sciences in 2013 at the University of Pisa. Post doc research contracts at University of Southampton, University of Pisa, IPCF-CNR and ICCOM-CNR. Winner of the 2018 GIDRM (Italian Association for Magnetic Resonances) Under 35 Award, and “Premio Internazionale Galileo Galilei Giovani” (Rotary Club, Distretto 2071) ed. 2020-2021.

Alessandro DUrsoAlessandro D'URSO, Università di Catania
Prof. Alessandro D’Urso is associate professor at Chemical Science Department of University of Catania. His research activity is mainly focused on Interactions of water-soluble porphyrinoids with biomolecules, as inhibitors of proteasome and as chiroptical reporters of nucleic acids conformations.

Alessandro GoriAlessandro GORI,
Alessandro Gori is a researcher at SCITEC-CNR, where he leads the Biomolecular Chemistry Lab. His research is devoted to peptide and macromolecular science for the development of new therapeutics, diagnostics and (bio)materials. He is currently author and co-author of >55 papers on international peer-reviewed journals, and recipient of competitive grants.

Elena LenciElena LENCI, Università di Firenze
Elena Lenci received the Doctor Europaeus PhD in Chemical Science in 2017 from the University of Florence, after spending a research period at the University of Oxford, UK. She is currently doing research in organic and medicinal chemistry at the University of Florence, with the aim of discovering small molecules inhibitors for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. Besides her research work, she is the vice-coordinator of the Young Group of the Italian Chemical Society.

Gabriele MancaGabriele MANCA, ICCOM-CNR Firenze
Gabriele Manca is a researcher at CNR-ICCOM in Florence. His research activity is focused on the investigation of electronic structure/reactivity relations in transition metal complexes and materials and the exploration of catalytic sustainable processes. He is co‐author of 50 peer-reviewed papers.

Alessandro MinguzziAlessandro MINGUZZI, Università di Milano
Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Milano, he's co-founder of the Laboratory of Applied Electrochemistry ( and his research is focused on all aspects of Electrochemistry: from reaction mechanisms to its industrial, energetic and environmental applications. He's currently the secretary and treasurer for the Lombardy
Section of the Italian Chemical Society.

Claudia PigliacelliClaudia PIGLIACELLI, Politecnico di Milano
Claudia Pigliacelli is Junior Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano. Her current research activity is focused on the design of self-assembled nanostructured systems based on peptides, inorganic nanoparticles and hybrid systems to be employed as drug carriers, diagnostic/theranostic systems and sensors.

Fabiana PiscitelliFabiana PISCITELLI, ICB-CNR Pozzuoli
My research activity is mainly aimed at identifying new and / or little-known bioactive lipids and defining their biological role through targeted lipidomics approaches with the aid of methodologies of high-resolution mass spectrometry coupled with liquid chromatography.

Nicola SangiorgiNicola SANGIORGI, ISTEC-CNR Faenza
Nicola Sangiorgi gained his master degree in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna in 2008 and his PhD in “Materials for Health, Energy and Environment” at the University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2017. Today he is a researcher at the CNR Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics (ISTEC) in Faenza and his main research activities are focused on materials production and characterization for solar energy conversion applications (solar and photo-electrochemical cells) and for energy storage devices.

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