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Maurizio Peruzzini is currently Associate Researcher at the Institute of Chemistry of the Organometallic Compounds, National Research Council of Italy (ICCOM CNR), located in Florence. He served as Director of the Department of Chemical Sciences and Materials Technologies (DSCTM CNR) from 2017 to 2020 and as Director of ICCOM CNR from 2011 to 2017; ICCOM is one of the leading Italian research centres in catalysis, organometallic chemistry and chemistry for renewable energy. 1st ranked (the only institute ranked as excellent) in the most recent external evaluation of CNR Institutes for chemistry.

Research / Professional Experience:

Project Leader at the Department of Molecular Design, CNR (project on “Sustainable Chemistry”) and Deputy Director of the Department (2008/10). Visiting Professor at the Universities of Rennes, F (1990), Almeria, E (2001), La Laguna, E (2009), Strasbourg, F (2012) and Tomsk, RUS (2015). MP has been Chair elected of the Division of Inorganic Chemistry of SCI (2009/11) and Member of the Divisional Board since 2003. He has been member of the Board of the Interdivisional Group "Chemistry and Energy". He was elected in the Executive Board of Euro-Chemistry (2010/12) and is Member of the Board of the Technological District of Tuscany on Renewable Energies. Since 2012 he is President of the Luigi Sacconi Foundation.

Awards: MP has received the "Stanislao Cannizzaro" Gold Medal 2020, gold medal awarded by SCI in recognition of his scientific achievements and the prize "Raffaele Nasini" 1993, gold medal awarded by the Inorganic Chemistry Division of SCI in recognition of his studies on molecular hydrogen complexes. In 2011 he got the SCF French-Italian Prize awarded by the Société Chimique de France.

Honours: Fellow of the John van Geuns Foundation (1996 and 2000) at the van't Hoff Institute of Chemistry, University of Amsterdam (NL); Fellow of the Hans Vielberth Stiftung (2007, 2012 and 2020) at the Universität Regensburg (D). He is Foreign Corresponding Member (Membro Correspondente Estrangeiro) of the Academia das Cências de Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal (since 2017).

Fields of Scientific Interest: (a) Inorganic chemistry: activation of small inorganic and molecules. Chemistry of elemental phosphorus. Transition-metal hydrides. Molecular hydrogen complexes and H-storage materials. (b) Organometallic chemistry: Transformations of terminal alkynes, metal-carbenes, -vinylidenes and -allenylidenes. (c) Homogeneous catalysis; Organometallic chemistry and catalysis in water. (d) Carbon capture and sequestration.

Scientific Experience: MP serves/d in the Boards of Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. and Chem. Select (Wiley), Inorg. Chim. Acta (Elsevier) and Organometallics (ACS). He has been member of the External Evaluation Panel of CSIC, Madrid (Spain, 2010/13); AERES (Agence d’évalutation de la recherche et de l’enseignement superior – Paris, F) to assess the research activity of Centre International de Recherche aux Frontières de la Chimie (RTRA – CIRFC) at Strasbourg University (2013). MP has lectured in > 80 Universities and Research Centers worldwide and has given invited lectures in > 90 International and National Conferences. He served in more than 50 International Scientific Committees and Boards (+ 40 in national events). Some of the most important international events are: International Advisory Board International Homogeneous Catalysis Symposia ISHC, 2011/17. Standing Committee Latin American Symposium of Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry – SiLQCOM, since 2011. International Scientific Committee, FIGIPAS Meeting in Inorganic Chemistry, 2005/11. Scientific Committee, International School on Organometallic Chemistry, Camerino, I, since 2005. International Advisory Board, 14th International Conference on Chemistry of Phosphorus Compounds, Kazan, RUS, 2005. International Advisory Board, 20th ICOMC, Corfu, GR, 2002. International Advisory Board, Eurasia Conferences on Chemical Sciences, since 2002. Chairman, 6th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry (EWPC-6), Florence, I, 2009. Co-Chairman, ISHC-16, Florence, I, 2008. Co-chairman, Eurohydrides 2000, Dijon, F, 2000; Scientific Secretary, ICCC-33, Florence, 1998. Chairman of the 38th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (ICOMC-28), Florence, I, 2018 (1100 p). Chairman of the 44th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry (ICCC-44), Rimini, I, (originally planned 2020; moved to 2022).

Recipient (PI) of an ERC ADVANCED GRANT for the project “Phosphorene functionalization: a new platform for advanced multifunctional materials” (PHOSFUN) (2015 - 2019) (Horizon-2020). In 2020 he won as PI an ERC PROOF OF CONCEPT GRANT for the project “Exfoliated black phosphorus for biomedical applications” (PHOSMED) (2020 – 2021) (Horizon-2020).

MP has been coordinator of the research projects “Firenze Hydrolab” (ECRF) and PIRODE (Ministry of Environment, Rome) on the development of research on hydrogen economy issues and has (or had) the responsibility as coordinator or team leader of several national (PRIN, CNR), international (EC 4th (INCO), 5th, 6th and 7th RFP (Marie Curie – RTN/IIF) projects, INTAS, NATO, COST, CNR/RAS, CNR/CONACYT), and industrial (BASF, Thermphos Intl, Mossi & Ghisolfi, ENEL) projects.

Author of more than 400 scientific publications (135 ACS / 60 RSC), 5 patents and more than 550 presentations at national and international meetings. h-index 57 (> 13000 citations) (ISI). ORCID:

Coordinator of the “Progetto premiale 2012” (MIUR) “Integrated and eco-sustainable technologies for the production, storage and use of the energy”) (2012). Coordinator of the “Progetto premiale 2014” (MIUR) “MATER: “MATERIALI INNOVATIVI E TECNOLOGIE EFFICIENTI PER LE ENERGIE RINNOVABILI” (CNR, INRIM, INGV, OGS, Science Park TS, Centro Fermi).


Dr. Maurizio Peruzzini
Via Madonna del Piano, 10 – 50019, Sesto Fiorentino (FI), Italy
email address:
Ph. +39-055-5225289

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